Man pages for splm
Econometric Models for Spatial Panel Data

bsjktestBaltagi, Song, Jung and Koh LM test for spatial panels
bsktestBaltagi, Song and Koh LM test for spatial panels
effects.splmmethod for extracting fixed effects
InsuranceInsurance consumption across Italian provinces, 1998-2002
itawwSpatial weights matrix - Italian provinces
listw2dgCMatrixInterface between Matrix class objects and weights list
print.splmprint method for class splm
RiceFarmsProduction of Rice in India
ricewwSpatial weights matrix of Indonesian rice farms
rwtestRandomization-based test of spatial dependence for panel...
slagSpatial lag operator
slmtestLocally robust panel Lagrange Multiplier tests for spatial...
spgmGM estimation of spatial panel data models
sphtestHausman test for spatial panel data models
spmlSpatial Panel Model by Maximum Likelihood
spremlSpatial Panel Model with Random Effects by Maximum Likelihood
summary.splmsummary method for class splm
usawwSpatial weights matrix - US states
vcov.splmCovariance extractor method for 'splm' objects
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