Man pages for splusTimeSeries
Time Series from S-PLUS

alignTime Series and Signal Interpolation and Alignment
class.ordered.dataBase Class for Time Series and Signals
class.signalsignalSeries Class
class.time.seriesCalendar Time Series Class
djiaDow Jones Industrial Average
exch.rateForeign Exchange Rates
fed.rateFederal Reserve Interest Rates
hlocHigh, Low, Open, and Close Calculation
isrectUniform Rectangular Data Functions
net.packetNetwork Packet Traffic
positionsPositions of 'series' Objects
say.waveSpeech Signal
seraggTime Series and Signal Aggregation
seriesdataSeriesData of 'series' Objects
serieslagTime Series Lag/Lead Function
serieslengthLength of a 'timeSeries'
shiftCreate a Shifted Time Series
signalseriesCreate a 'signalSeries' object
tbaucTreasury Bill Auction Rates
tbondTreasury Bond Futures Trading Data
tcm.curveTreasury Constant Maturity Curve
timeseriesCreate a 'timeSeries' Object
tsmergeMerging for Time Series and Signals
tsupdUpdate Old 'ts' Objects
unionpsPositions Object Union With Tolerance
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