Man pages for sporm
Semiparametric proportional odds rate model interval of the proportionality parameter
dd.estDabrowska-Doksum's estimate of theta
ellthetaInternal function of "sporm"
ell.thetaProfile loglikelihood of theta.
grad.hessinvInternal function of package "sporm"
H.BinvInternal function of package "sporm"
ks.spormKS test for the semiparametric proportional odds rate model
ks.statKS statistic for proportional odds rate model
mrle.spormSemiparametric proportional odds rate model.
newton.thetaInitial theta value by Newton method
phiFunction phi(t)
plotorEmpirical odds rate plot
RadarTubeRadar Tube Life data
sporm-packageSemiparametric proportional odds rate model
test.thetaHypothesis test for proportionality parameter
V.thetaInternal function of "sporm"
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