Man pages for spotidy
Providing Convenience Functions to Connect R with the Spotify API

get_albumGets an album
get_albumsGets multiple albums
get_album_tracksGets tracks from an album
get_artistGets an artist
get_artist_albumsGets albums from an artist
get_artist_related_artistsGets related artists from an artist
get_artistsGets multiple artists
get_artist_top_tracksGets top tracks from an artist
get_spotify_api_tokenGets a Spotify API token
get_trackGets a track
get_track_audio_featuresGets audio features of a single track
get_tracksGets multiple tracks
get_tracks_audio_featuresGets audio features of multiple tracks
search_albumsSearch albums based on given input
search_artistsSearch artists based on given input
search_tracksSearch tracks based on given input
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