Man pages for spotoroo
Spatiotemporal Clustering of Satellite Hot Spot Data

dist_point_to_vectorCalculation of the geodesic of a point to multiple points
extract_fireExtracting fires from the spatiotemporal clustering results
get_fire_movCalculation of the fire movement
global_clusteringClustering hot spots spatially and temporally
handle_noiseHandling noise in the clustering results
hotspot_clusterSpatiotemporal clustering of hot spot data
hotspots1070 observations of satellite hot spots
ignition_pointCalculation of the ignition points
local_clusteringClustering hot spots spatially
plot_defDefault method of plotting the clustering results
plot_fire_movPlotting the fire movement
plot_spotorooPlotting spatiotemporal clustering result
plot.spotorooPlotting spatiotemporal clustering result
plot_timelinePlotting the timeline of the fire and the noise
plot_vic_mapPlotting map of Victoria, Australia
print.spotorooPrinting spatiotemporal clustering result
spotoroospotoroo: spatiotemporal clustering in R of hot spot
summary_spotorooSummarizing spatiotemporal clustering results
summary.spotorooSummarizing spatiotemporal clustering result
transform_time_idTransforming a series of time or datetime to time indexes
vic_mapsimple features map of Victoria
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