Man pages for sppmix
Modeling Spatial Poisson and Related Point Processes

add_titleAdd a title to an existing ggplot2 plot
approx_normmixApproximate the masses of bivariate normal mixture components
check_labelsCheck for label switching
CompareSurfsQuantify the difference between two surfaces
Count_ptsCounts points in a window
demo_mixDemo objects
Demo_sppmixRun an sppmix package demo or vignette
density_plotsPlot a mixture of normal components
dnormmixCalculate the density or intensity of a normal mixture over a...
drop_realizationDrop MCMC realizations
est_intensity_npEstimate the intensity surface using a non-parametric method
est_MIPPP_cond_locFit a MIPPP conditionally on location
est_MIPPP_cond_markFit a MIPPP conditionally on mark
est_mixEstimate a mixture model parameters using MCMC
FixLS_daFix Label Switching
GetBDCompfitRetrieve parts of a BDMCMC fit
GetBDTableRetrieve the MAP and distribution of the number of components
GetBMACompute the Bayesian Model average
GetDensityValuesRetrieve density values
GetIPPPLikValueRetrieve the IPPP likelihood value
GetKLEstRetrieve the surface of Kullback-Leibler (KL) estimators
GetMAPEstRetrieve the surface of MAP estimators
GetMAPLabelsRetrieve the MAP estimates for the component labels
GetPMEstRetrieve the Surface of Posterior Means
Get_RdiagChecking convergence: diagnostics
GetStatsRetrieves basic Bayesian estimates from a generated chain
helper_functionsGeneral Helper Functions
kstest2dNonparametric Goodness-of-fit test between two point patterns
kstest2dsurfNonparametric Goodness-of-fit test for a point pattern...
MaternCovMatern covariance function
mc_gofMonte Carlo goodness of fit test
normmixCreate a 2d mixture with normal components
openwin_sppmixOpens a new graphics window
plot2dPPPlot a spatial point pattern
plot_autocorrChecking convergence: autocorrelation plot
plot_avgsurfPlot the average intensity surface
plot.bdmcmc_resPlot results from a BDMCMC fit
plot_chainsPlot MCMC chains
plot_CompDistPlots for the number of components
plot_convdiagsChecking convergence visually
plot.damcmc_resPlot results from a DAMCMC fit
plot_densityPlots a density or image
plot_indPlot membership indicators
plot.intensity_surfacePlots a normal mixture intensity in 3d
plotmix_2d2d exploratory plots for mixture intensity surfaces
plotmix_3dPlot the density or intensity of a normal mixture in 3d over...
plot_MPP_fieldsPlot the mark probability fields
plot_MPP_probsPlot the mark probabilities of a marked point pattern
plot_runmeanChecking convergence: running means plot
Plots_offCloses all open plots
plot.sppmixPlot a spatial point pattern
plot_true_labelsPlot the true membership indicators
PlotUSAStatesVisualization of USA states and their counties
rGRFGenerate a Gaussian Random Field
rMIPPP_cond_locGenerate a Marked Poisson point process (conditional on...
rMIPPP_cond_markGenerate a Marked Poisson point process (conditional on mark)
rmixsurfGenerate a Poisson process surface object
rnormmixGenerate a mixture with normal components
rsppmixGenerate a point pattern from a Poisson process
Save_AllOpenRglGraphsSaves RGL plots
selectMixMixture Model Selection
sppmixsppmix: Poisson point process modeling using normal mixture...
summary.bdmcmc_resSummarize BDMCMC results
summary.damcmc_resSummarize DAMCMC results
to_int_surfConvert a normal mixture to an intensity surface
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