Man pages for spray
Sparse Arrays and Multivariate Polynomials

arityThe arity of a spray object
as.arrayCoerce spray objects to arrays
as.functionCoerce a spray object to a function
asumSum over dimension margins
constantGet or set the constant term of a spray object
derivPartial differentiation of spray objects
ExtractExtract or Replace Parts of a spray
homogVarious functions to create simple spray objects
ooomOne-over-one-minus for spray objects
Ops.sprayArithmetic Ops Group Methods for sprays
pmaxParallel maxima and minima for sprays
printPrint methods for spray objects
rsprayRandom spray objects
sprayCreate sparse array objects
spray_cppLow-level functions that call C++ source code
spray-packageSparse arrays and multivariate polynomials
subsSubstitute values into a spray object
zeroThe zero polynomial
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