summary.gam: Summary for a GAM fit (wrapper)

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Takes a fitted gam object produced by gam() and produces various useful summaries from it. (See sink to divert output to a file.)


  ## S3 method for class 'gam'
summary(object, ...)



A gam object, usually generated by a call gam(Formula, data, ...). Will contain a list element smooth, which is itself a list of all of the smooth elements in the Formula passed.


For a full list of possible parameters, see summary.gam in mgcv.


This function overloads summary.gam from gam in mgcv. It does a check on the class attribute of each smoother contained in object[["smooth"]], and if one or more of these smooth objects is of class sp.smooth, it sets two parameters: freq=TRUE and p.type=5. It then passes the object and all additional parameters to summary.gam in the mgcv namespace.

If there are no smooth objects of class sp.smooth, this function simply falls through to the summary.gam function in the mgcv namespace.


An object of class summary.gam. For full details, see summary.gam.


Wesley Burr


Wood S.N. (2006) Generalized Additive Models: An Introduction with R. Chapman and Hall/CRC Press.

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