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approxAUCApproximate AUC
approxpDirichletApproximate CDF of Dirichlet
bagMulti-indicators / "Bag o Words"
bat_passesBat passes
bsearch7Efficient binary search for character vectors
calcBMICalculate Body Mass Index
chunk2Split a vector into n chunks
clampClamp a value into a range
classMethodsList all methods for an object
coalesceReplace NAs in parallel vectors
CommentMulti-line Comments
copyEnvCopy objects from one environment to another
cor2covBack transform correlation matrix to variance-covariance...
duplicated2Find duplicates in a vector
flatten2Flatten a list without type coercion
frontierFind efficient frontier
horner.polyEvaluate Polynomial and Rational Functions using Horner's...
invinteractionSplit an interaction'ed factor back into seperate variables
invwhichConvert indices to logical vector
logLik.kmeansLog-Likelihood for k-means clustering (for calculating AIC...
lsosImproved list of objects matching with defaults
ModeCalculate mode (most common element) of a vector
na.dummyHandle Missing Values with Fill + Dummy
parseLDAPParse LDAP output into dataframe
partialPartially apply a function
permutationsGenerate all distinct permutations of a vector
randomRowsSample rows from a dataframe or matrix
rdensityDistribution methods for density objects
readkeyWait for a keypress
reflect_triangleReflect upper/lower triangle across diagonal
replace_null_recursivelyReplace NULLs in nested lists
resaveResave a session
rsplitRecursivly split a data.frame
sincossin/cos pairs for modeling
split_pathSplit paths into folders
sprintf_namedsprintf, with named references
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strReverseReverse each string of a vector
substituteExprSubstitute on an expression in a value
Tarone.testTarone's Z Test
t.listTranspose a list-of-lists
trim_trailingStrip leading / trailing zeros
unique_columnsRemove duplicated columns
unscaleReverse a scale
zip2Zip / Enumerate from python
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