Man pages for stacks
Tidy Model Stacking

add_candidatesAdd model definitions to a data stack
autoplot.linear_stackPlot results of a stacked ensemble model.
axe_model_stackAxing a model_stack.
blend_predictionsDetermine stacking coefficients from a data stack
build_linear_predictorCreates an R expression for a linear predictor from a data...
collect_parametersCollect candidate parameters and stacking coefficients
control_stackControl wrappers
example_dataExample Objects
fit_membersFit model stack members with non-zero stacking coefficients
get_expressionsObtain prediction equations for all possible values of type
predict.data_stackPredicting with a model stack
prediction_eqnConvert one or more linear predictor to a format used for...
predict.model_stackPredicting with a model stack
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
stack_predictConvert one or more linear predictor to a format used for...
stacksInitialize a Stack
stacks_descriptionstacks: Tidy Model Stacking
tree_frogsTree frog embryo hatching data
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