modify_dimension_records: Apply dimension record update operations

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Apply dimension record update operations


Given a list of dimension record update operations, they are applied on the dimensions of the star_schema object. Update operations must be defined with the set of functions available for that purpose.


modify_dimension_records(st, updates = record_update_set())

## S3 method for class 'star_schema'
modify_dimension_records(st, updates = record_update_set())



A star_schema object.


A record_update_set object.


When dimensions are defined, records can be detected that must be modified as part of the data cleaning process: frequently to unify two or more records due to data errors or missing data. This is not immediate because facts must be adapted to the new set of dimension instances.

This operation allows us to unify records and automatically propagate modifications to facts.

The list of update operations can be applied repeatedly to new data received to be incorporated into the star_schema object.


A star_schema object.

See Also

Other data cleaning functions: get_conformed_dimension(), get_conformed_dimension_names(), get_dimension(), get_dimension_names(), match_records(), modify_conformed_dimension_records(), record_update_set(), update_record(), update_selection(), update_selection_general()


st <- st_mrs_age |>

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