Man pages for startup
Friendly R Startup Configuration

checkCheck for and fix common mistakes in .Rprofile
current_scriptGets the pathname of the currently running startup script
find_rprofileLocates the .Rprofile and .Renviron files used during the...
find_rprofile_dLocates the .Rprofile.d and .Renviron.d directories used...
installInstall and uninstall support for .Renviron.d and .Rprofile.d...
is_debug_onChecks whether startup debug is on or not
is_essChecks whether running R via Emacs Spekas Statistics (ESS) or...
is_microsoftrChecks if running R in Microsoft R Open
is_pqrChecks if running pqR (A Pretty Quick Version of R)
is_radianChecks whether running R via radian (formerly known as...
is_rstudio_consoleChecks if running R in RStudio Console or RStudio Terminal
is_wineChecks whether running R on Windows using Wine or not
reset_when_cacheReset all or parts of the "when" cache
restartRestarts R
startupLoad .Renviron.d and .Rprofile.d directories during the R...
startup_session_optionsRecord R session information as options
sysinfoInformation on the current R session
warnProduce a warning
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