Man pages for statar
Tools Inspired by 'Stata' to Manipulate Tabular Data

elapsedElapsed dates (monthly, quarterly)
fill_gapAdd rows corresponding to gaps in some variable
is.panelCheck whether a data.frame is a panel
joinJoin two data frames together
n_narmCount number of non missing observations
pctileWeighted quantile of type 2 (similar to Stata _pctile)
statarA package for applied research
stat_binmeanPlot the mean of y over the mean of x within bins of x.
sum_upGives summary statistics (corresponds to Stata command...
tabReturns cross tabulation
tempnameCreate unique names within a list, a data.frame, or an...
tlead-tlaglead and lag with respect to a time variable
winsorizeWinsorize a numeric vector
xtileBin variable in groups (similar to Stata xtile)
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