Man pages for statgenSTA
Single Trial Analysis (STA) of Field Trials

dropsRawDROPS data set
extractSTAExtract statistics from fitted models
fitTDFit single trial mixed model
getMetaGet and set metadata for TD objects
outlierSTAIdentifying outliers in objects of class STA
plot.STAPlot function for class STA
plot.TDPlot function for class TD
reportBase method for creating a report
report.STAReport method for class STA
statgenSTA-packagestatgenSTA: Single Trial Analysis (STA) of Field Trials
STAtoCrossConvert STA to Cross
STAtoTDConvert STA to TD
summary.STASummarizing objects of class 'STA'
summary.TDSummarizing objects of class 'TD'
TDS3 class TD
TDHeat05Field data for a wheat experiment in Mexico
TDMaizeField data for a maize experiment in Tlaltizapan, Mexico
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