A Title for Template

##This Invisible Chunk is required in all CRMDA documents
tmpdir <- paste0("tmpout")
if (!dir.exists(tmpdir)) dir.create(tmpdir, recursive = TRUE)
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo=TRUE, comment=NA, fig.path=paste0(tmpdir, "/p-"))
opts.orig <- options()
par.orig <- par(no.readonly = TRUE)
options(width = 70)
## If theme directory does not have required images or TeX files
## we need to retrieve them and put them in "theme" directory. 
logos <- c("logoleft.pdf", "logo-vert.pdf")
try(getFiles(logos, pkg = "stationery", overwrite = FALSE))
## These theme files should be available already, but if not
themefiles <- c("guide-template.tex")
try(getFiles(themefiles, pkg = "stationery", overwrite = FALSE))
## If you do not have a file after that, 
## the following will manufacture a blank image for a placeholder
  blankPDF(file = "theme/logoleft.pdf", height=1, width=3.5, messg = "")
  blankPDF(file = "theme/logo-vert.pdf", height=1, width=3.5, messg = "")

\begin{abstract} \noindent This is an abstract. Please include a terse, yet descriptive statement here of less than 200 words. It should avoid colloquialisms and polysyllabic profundities. \end{abstract}

Header Level 1 with a number

At the last minute, we changed the template to use APA6 style citations and it is important to see if that works on your system.

Lets test citations. This citation uses the markdown method [@RCore]. It inserts parentheses, name and date. Can use natbib format citations as well, please see the instructions file.

Header Level 1 without number {-}

If you DO NOT want section numbers, insert {-} to prevent the compiler from inserting them.

Make minimal changes to the top part. {-}

Fill in your name, title, email, tags. Please don't change the pdf_document settings unless you know what you are doing.

Session Info {-}

Session Information is usually not written into a report, but in a guide file we regularly will include it as follows.

## Don't delete this. It puts the interactive session options
## back the way they were. If this is compiled within a session
## it is vital to do this.

References {-}

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