A Title for Skeleton Template

##This Invisible Chunk is required in all CRMDA documents
opts.orig <- options()
par.orig <- par(no.readonly = TRUE)
tmpdir <- paste0("tmpout")
if (!dir.exists(tmpdir)) dir.create(tmpdir, recursive = TRUE)
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo=TRUE, comment=NA, fig.path=paste0(tmpdir, "/p-"))
options(width = 70)
## If theme directory does not have required images or TeX files
## we need to retrieve them and put them in "theme" directory. 
logos <- c("logo.pdf")
try(getFiles(logos, pkg = "stationery", overwrite = FALSE))
## These theme files should be available already, but if not
themefiles <-c("report-template.tex")
try(getFiles(themefiles, pkg = "stationery", overwrite = FALSE))
## If you do not have a file after that, 
## the following will manufacture a blank image for a placeholder
  blankPDF(file = "theme/logo.pdf", height=1, width=3.5, messg = "")

\begin{abstract} \noindent This is an abstract. Please include a terse, yet descriptive statement here of less than 200 words. It should avoid colloquialisms and polysyllabic profundities. \end{abstract}

Introduction {-}

Make minimal changes to the top part. {-}

Fill in your name, title, email, tags.

Your sections here {-}

Please do use sections and subsections wish brief titles that are well crafted to guide the reader's eye.

Citation with [@Rcore]

One equation to test

[ \Sigma_{gt}=\Lambda_{gt}\Psi_{gt}\Lambda'{gt}+\Theta{gt} ]

R Code Chunks {-}

In Reports, raw code chunks displaying input are not generally shown. Instead, generate valid \LaTeX output or graphic images and include them.

If a LaTeX table file has been created from another document, we do not recommend "cutting and pasting" into this document. Instead, use "\textbackslash{}input{filename}".

Session Info {-}

Session Information is usually not written into a report, but an output file is created by the following pieces.

zz <- gsub("Rmd", "Rout", knitr::current_input())
capture.output(sessionInfo(), file = zz, append = FALSE)
if (!is.null(warnings())){
    capture.output(warnings(), file = zz, append = TRUE)
## Don't delete this. It puts the interactive session options
## back the way they were. If this is compiled within a session
## it is vital to do this.

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