ensemble: Create bootstrapped ensembles of a model

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Create bootstrapped ensembles of a model


ensemble(mod, nreps = 2, data = NULL)



a model whose data will be used for resampling


how many resampling trials should be created


a data table to use for resampling. This is not needed for many common model types, such as lm, glm, etc. See details.


The approach to bootstrapping implemented by this function is to create a set of bootstrap trials all in one go. Then, other functions such as effect_size and evaluate_model() will be used to extract the information from each of the bootstrap replicates. Many model types in R carry the data used to train the model as part of the model object produced. For these types of models, e.g. lm and glm, there is no need to provide a value for the data argument. But there are some types of models for which the training data cannot be extracted from the model object. In such situations, you use data = to provide the data set to use for resampling.

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