Man pages for statmod
Statistical Modeling

digammafDigamma generalized linear model family
eldaExtreme Limiting Dilution Analysis
fitNBPNegative Binomial Model for SAGE Libraries with Pearson...
forwardForward Selection of Covariates for Multiple Regression
gauss.quadGaussian Quadrature
gauss.quad.probGaussian Quadrature with Probability Distributions
glmgamFit Gamma Generalized Linear Model by Fisher Scoring with...
glmnbfitFit Negative Binomial Generalized Linear Model with Log-Link
glmscoretestScore Test for Adding a Covariate to a GLM
growthcurveCompare Groups of Growth Curves
hommel.testTest Multiple Comparisons Using Hommel's Method
invgaussInverse Gaussian Distribution
logmdigammaLog Minus Digamma Function
matvecMultiply a Matrix by a Vector
meanTMean t-Statistic Between Two Groups of Growth Curves
mixedmodelFit Mixed Linear Model with 2 Error Components
mscaleM Scale Estimation
permpExact permutation p-values
plot.limdilPlot or print an object of class limdil
powerPower of Fisher's Exact Test for Comparing Proportions
qresidualsRandomized Quantile Residuals
remlscorREML for Heteroscedastic Regression
remlscorgammaApproximate REML for Gamma Regression with Structured...
sage.testExact Binomial Tests For Comparing Two SAGE Libraries...
statmodIntroduction to the StatMod Package
tweedieTweedie Generalized Linear Models
weldingData: Tensile Strength of Welds
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