Man pages for stellaR
stellar evolution tracks and isochrones

compositionsCompostions of computed models
getHbgridHB models from ZAHB to thermal pulses
getIsoImport stellar isochrones data
getTrkImport stellar track data
getTrkSetImport a set of data
getZahbImport stellar track data for ZAHB
interpTrkInterpolate stellar tracks data
keypointsExtract relevant evolutionary points from stellar tracks or...
makeIsoConstruct stellar isochrones from tracks
masshbMass of stars in HB
plotAstroPlot function for stellar objects
plot.trkPlot stellar track or isochrones objects
plot.trksetPlot a set stellar objects
print.trkPrint stellar track objects
showCompositionShow the chemical and physical combinations in the database
stellaR-packageStellar tracks and isochrones from Pisa database
testCompositionCheck the existence of a record in the database
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