Man pages for stepR
Multiscale Change-Point Inference

besselBessel Polynomials
boundsBounds based on MRC
compareCompare fit blockwise with ground truth
computeBoundsComputation of the bounds
computeStatComputation of the multiscale statistic
contMCContinuous time Markov chain
critValCritical values
dfilterDigital filters
familyFamily of distributions
intervalSystemInterval systems
jsmurfReconstruct filtered piecewise constant functions with noise
jumpintConfidence intervals for jumps and confidence bands for step...
monteCarloSimulationMonte Carlo simulation
MRCCompute Multiresolution Criterion
MRC1000Values of the MRC statistic for 1,000 observations (all...
MRCasymptotic"Asymptotic" values of the MRC statistic (all intervals)
MRCasymptoticDyadic"Asymptotic" values of the MRC statistic (dyadic intervals)
neighboursNeighbouring integers
parametricFamilyParametric families
sdrobnormRobust standard deviation estimate
smuceRPiecewise constant regression with SMUCE
stepblockStep function
stepboundJump estimation under restrictions
stepcandForward selection of candidate jumps
stepFitPiecewise constant multiscale inference
stepfitClassFitted step function
steppathSolution path of step-functions
stepR-packageMultiscale Change-Point Inference
stepselAutomatic selection of number of jumps
testSmallScalesTest Small Scales
transitTRANSIT algorithm for detecting jumps
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