Man pages for stheoreme
Klimontovich's S-Theorem Algorithm Implementation and Data Preparation Tools

crit.stheoremKlimontovich's S-Theorem Convergence Criterion
cxds.stheoremRenormalized Entropy Shift Estimation
d1char.d1natProbability Mass Function Calculator for Array of Characters
d1natProbability Mass Function Calculator
d1specPower Spectrum Probability Vector Calculator
d2nat.d1natProbability Mass Function Calculator for Matrices
d2specPower Spectrum Probability Vector Calculator for Matrices
pvalignProbability Vector Formatting Tool
stheoreme-internalInternal Functions
stheoreme-packageKlimontovich's S-Theorem Algorithm Implementation and Data...
utild1binVector Binarizer
utild1cleanVector Cleaner
utild1filtGaussian Filter for Vectors
utild1groupVector Framer
utild2binMatrix Binarizer
utild2cleanMatrix Cleaner
utild2filtGaussian Filter for Matrices
utild2groupMatrix Framer
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