Man pages for stlcsb
Tidy Manipulation of CSB Data for St. Louis

catLookup Tables Used for Categorization of Problem Codes
csb_canceledRemove Canceled Calls for Service
csb_categorizeCategorize CSB Call Types
csb_date_filterFilter Calls Based on Date of Call
csb_date_parseParse CSB Date and Time Variables
csb_filterSubset Based on Call Categories
csb_get_dataDownload CSB Data from the City of St. Louis
csb_last_updateDate of Last CSB Data Update from the City of St. Louis
csb_load_variablesLoad CSB Variable Definitions
csb_missingXYIdentifying Calls Missing Coordinate Data
csb_projectXYProject Calls for Service Data Using Coordinates
csb_vacantIdentify Calls for Service Related to Vacancy
january_2018CSB Calls in St. Louis, January 2018
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