STM Browser



This package creates a browser visualization of the topics and covariate relationships computed from the Structural Topic Model. The most important and only function in the package is stmBrowser, which creates and opens a browser that the user can use to explore the output from the STM.


Author: Michael K. Freeman, Jason Chuang, Margaret E. Roberts, Brandon M. Stewart, and Dustin Tingley.

Maintainer: Margaret E. Roberts <>


Roberts, M., Stewart, B., Tingley, D., and Airoldi, E. (2013) "The structural topic model and applied social science." In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Topic Models: Computation, Application, and Evaluation.

Roberts, M., Stewart, B., Tingley, D., Lucas, C., Leder-Luis, J., Gadarian, S., Albertson, B., Albertson, B. and Rand, D. (Forthcoming). "Structural topic models for open ended survey responses." American Journal of Political Science

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