mix.d.sum.of.mixtures.rLNLN: Density of the sum of mixtures of lognormal random variables...

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Density and random generation of a sum of i.i.d. random variables, where each random variable is from the following mixture distribution: With probability p_i, it is of type i. In that case, it is lognormally distributed with log-mean mu_i and log-standard deviation sigma_i. The density is somehow a "mixed" one, as for all values in n the density of the random variable is calculated and the weighted average is taken to be the density of this specific value.


mix.d.sum.of.mixtures.rLNLN(y, n.vector, p.vector, mu.vector, sigma.vector)



the argument at which the density is evaluated


the number of random variables entering each sum (in the considered application: number of cells per tissue sample). This can also be a vector stating how many cells are in each sample separatly


vector (p1,p2,..,pT) containing the probabilities for each type of cell. Its elements have to sum up to one


vector (mu1,mu2,...,muT) containing the log-means for each type


vector (sigma1,...,sigmaT) containing the log-standard deviations sigma for each type


The lengths of p.vector, mu.vector and sigma.vector have to be identical. Their lengths automatically determine the number of different types.


'mix.d.sum.of.mixtures.LNLN' gives the density of a random variable originating from one of the tissue samples in the mixed n-vector.


Lisa Amrhein, Christiane Fuchs

Maintainer: Lisa Amrhein <amrheinlisa@gmail.com>


"Parameterizing cell-to-cell regulatory heterogeneities via stochastic transcriptional profiles" by Sameer S Bajikar*, Christiane Fuchs*, Andreas Roller, Fabian J Theis^ and Kevin A Janes^: PNAS 2014, 111(5), E626-635 (* joint first authors, ^ joint last authors) <doi:10.1073/pnas.1311647111>

"Pheno-seq - linking visual features and gene expression in 3D cell culture systems" by Stephan M. Tirier, Jeongbin Park, Friedrich Preusser, Lisa Amrhein, Zuguang Gu, Simon Steiger, Jan-Philipp Mallm, Teresa Krieger, Marcel Waschow, Bjoern Eismann, Marta Gut, Ivo G. Gut, Karsten Rippe, Matthias Schlesner, Fabian Theis, Christiane Fuchs, Claudia R. Ball, Hanno Glimm, Roland Eils & Christian Conrad: Sci Rep 9, 12367 (2019) <doi:10.1038/s41598-019-48771-4>

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