solve_for_xi: Numerically solve Willoughby Eqn. 3 for xi

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This function uses the Newton-Raphson method to solve equation 3 (the dual-exponential profile version) for ξ in Willoughby et al. (2006). This value of ξ can then be used to determine R1 for that storm observation.


solve_for_xi(xi0 = 0.5, eq3_right, eps = 0.001, itmax = 100)



A numeric value giving the starting guess for ξ


A numerical value with the right-hand side of Willoughby et al. (2006), Eqn. 3, the dual-exponential version. This value is calculated at each storm observation point using the will3_right function.


The convergence threshold for determining if the algorithm has converged.


The maximum number of iterations to try before deciding that the algorithm did not converge.


If this algorithm does not converge, the function returns a missing value for ξ.


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