Man pages for stranger
Simple Toolkit in R for ANomalies Get, Explain and Report

add_idEnrich source data with an ID
as.anomaliesCreate a class anomalies from a (pre-filterd)...
BudgetUKBudget Shares of British Households
cor-stranger-methodCorrelation for stranger objects
crazyfyData preparation before detection of strangers
dplyr-methodsdplyr methods
exploreData Exploration plots
fortify_strangerMerge stranger/singular objects to a dataset
get_anomaliesRetrieve anomalies
get_infostranger object information
get_info.singularsingularized metrics information
lucky_oddsQuickly apply stanger full process flow to flag candidates...
plotData visualizations of anomaly score locally around a...
singularizeNormalize anomalies metrics and (eventually) stack them
strangerComputes anomaly metrics by invoking specific method(s) with...
weirdDefine a call to a weird function
weirdnessweirdness wrappers for available anomalies detection methods
weirds_listProvides the list of available methods
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