Man pages for stratigraph
Toolkit for the plotting and analysis of stratigraphic and palaeontological data

a.datumsReturns first and last appearance datums
addpartCalculates additive partitioning of diversity
cerrejonCerrejon Core
compress2matrixConverts compressed format files to flat matrices
cornetaCorneta Outcrop
dlocDraws a line of correlation between two sections
fill.rangesFills in missing values in the ranges of taxa
gluesheetsGlues tab-delimited spreadsheets together for further...
grid.prop.plotPlots proportions
mohawkMohawk Pond
nonuserNon user-level subroutines
oe.ratesReturns origination and extinction rates
plain'plain' example section
plot.strat.columnPlots (bio)stratigraphic data
rangechartPlots a range chart
readGPDasciiReads GPD ascii files
rogerslkRogers Lake
sISection I
strat.columnCreates a strat.column object
stratigraph.packagePlots stratigraphic data
writeCONOPWrites out data in a form appropriate for input into CONOP
writeGPDasciiReads GPD ascii files
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