stremo: Functions to help the process of learning structural equation modelling

Functions to assist the process of learning structural equation modeling

AuthorGustavo Carvalho, Marco Batalha, and Owen Petchey.
Date of publication2011-09-29 11:28:21
MaintainerGustavo Carvalho <>

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Man pages

albert: Erodium paularense data and model.

boot.lavan: Nonparametrical bootstrapping of a SEM model fit by 'lavaan'.

cor2cov: Covariance matrix from a correlation matrix.

endogenous: Display the endogenous variables of a lavaanified model

exogenous: Display the exogenous variables of a lavaanified model

factanal.prcomp: Factor analysis.

fgls: Generalised least squares.

fit.nlminb: Fit a structural equation model using 'nlminb'.

fml: Maximum-likelihood fitting function.

grace: Data and tentative model syntax for the paper by Grace et al....

harnik: Effects of biological factors on extinction risk in fossil...

II: Identity matrix

is.hermitian: Check if a matrix is Hermitian.

is.pd: Do some basic checking to see if a matrix is...

is.within.bounds: Check if all covariances in a covariance matrix are within...

iterator: Minimization of a fitting function.

jumpstart: Get the starting values of the free parameters of a model.

lamb: Effects of plant species richness and evenness on soil...

lamb2: Yield components in oat.

latents: Display the latent variables of a lavaanified model

latta: Path analysis of natural selection via survival and fecundity...

laughlin: Determinants of nitrification potential in a pine forest...

LISREL: Build the 4 basic matrices of the LISREL "all-y"...

lvnfy: Set the ground to start analysing a structural equation...

manifests: Display the indicator (manifest) variables of a lavaanified...

matrix.representation: Builds the LISREL "all-y" matrix representation of a model.

mirror.tri: Place the values below or above the diagonal of a square...

model.df: Number of degrees of freedom.

model.type: Displays the type of a structural equations model.

observed: Display the observed variables of a lavaanified model

pugesek: Bumpus house sparrow data and model.

pval: Returns the p-value given a z-score.

residuals.sem: Residuals of a fitted path or structural equations model.

rmnorm: Random multivariate normal distribution.


sem.matrices: Structural and covariance matrices describing a path or...

se.sem: Standard errors of free parameters.

sigma.hat: Calculates the sigma hat given a LISREL "all-y" matrix...

stiles: Fragmentation effects on remnant plant species richness.

stremo-package: Learning structural equation modeling.

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