stremo: Functions to help the process of learning structural equation modelling

Functions to assist the process of learning structural equation modeling

AuthorGustavo Carvalho, Marco Batalha, and Owen Petchey.
Date of publication2011-09-29 11:28:21
MaintainerGustavo Carvalho <>

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Man pages

albert: Erodium paularense data and model.

boot.lavan: Nonparametrical bootstrapping of a SEM model fit by 'lavaan'.

cor2cov: Covariance matrix from a correlation matrix.

endogenous: Display the endogenous variables of a lavaanified model

exogenous: Display the exogenous variables of a lavaanified model

factanal.prcomp: Factor analysis.

fgls: Generalised least squares.

fit.nlminb: Fit a structural equation model using 'nlminb'.

fml: Maximum-likelihood fitting function.

grace: Data and tentative model syntax for the paper by Grace et al....

harnik: Effects of biological factors on extinction risk in fossil...

II: Identity matrix

is.hermitian: Check if a matrix is Hermitian.

is.pd: Do some basic checking to see if a matrix is...

is.within.bounds: Check if all covariances in a covariance matrix are within...

iterator: Minimization of a fitting function.

jumpstart: Get the starting values of the free parameters of a model.

lamb: Effects of plant species richness and evenness on soil...

lamb2: Yield components in oat.

latents: Display the latent variables of a lavaanified model

latta: Path analysis of natural selection via survival and fecundity...

laughlin: Determinants of nitrification potential in a pine forest...

LISREL: Build the 4 basic matrices of the LISREL "all-y"...

lvnfy: Set the ground to start analysing a structural equation...

manifests: Display the indicator (manifest) variables of a lavaanified...

matrix.representation: Builds the LISREL "all-y" matrix representation of a model.

mirror.tri: Place the values below or above the diagonal of a square...

model.df: Number of degrees of freedom.

model.type: Displays the type of a structural equations model.

observed: Display the observed variables of a lavaanified model

pugesek: Bumpus house sparrow data and model.

pval: Returns the p-value given a z-score.

residuals.sem: Residuals of a fitted path or structural equations model.

rmnorm: Random multivariate normal distribution.


sem.matrices: Structural and covariance matrices describing a path or...

se.sem: Standard errors of free parameters.

sigma.hat: Calculates the sigma hat given a LISREL "all-y" matrix...

stiles: Fragmentation effects on remnant plant species richness.

stremo-package: Learning structural equation modeling.


albert Man page
albert.litho.cov Man page
albert.model Man page
albert.rock.cov Man page
BETA Man page
boot.lavaan Man page
bumpus Man page
bumpus.log Man page
cor2cov Man page
endogenous Man page
exogenous Man page
factanal.prcomp Man page
fgls Man page
fit.nlminb Man page
fml Man page
grace Man page
grace.cov Man page
grace.model Man page
harnik Man page
harnik.model.A Man page
harnik.model.B Man page
harnik.model.C Man page
II Man page
is.hermitian Man page
is.pd Man page
is.within.bounds Man page
iterator Man page
jumpstart Man page
lamb Man page
lamb2 Man page
lamb2.model.fig1 Man page
lamb2.model.fig2 Man page
lamb2.model.fig3 Man page
lamb.archaeal.cov Man page
lamb.archaeal.model Man page
lamb.bacterial.cov Man page
lamb.bacterial.model Man page
LAMBDA.Y Man page
latents Man page
latta Man page
latta.field.model Man page
latta.greenhouse.cov Man page
latta.greenhouse.model Man page
latta.hopland.cov Man page
latta.sierra.cov Man page
laughlin Man page
laughlin.model Man page
LISREL Man page
lvnfy Man page
manifests Man page
matrix.representation Man page
mirror.tri Man page
model.df Man page
model.type Man page
observed Man page
PSI Man page
pugesek Man page
pugesek.onefactor.model Man page
pugesek.threefactors.model Man page
pval Man page
residuals.sem Man page
rmnorm Man page
RMSEA Man page
sem.matrices Man page
se.sem Man page
sigma.hat Man page
stiles Man page
stiles.model Man page
stremo Man page
stremo-package Man page

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