stsm.class: Class and Methods for Structural Time Series Models

This package defines an S4 class for structural time series models and provides some basic methods to work with it.

AuthorJavier López-de-Lacalle <>
Date of publication2014-07-26 15:53:50
MaintainerJavier López-de-Lacalle <>

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char2numeric Man page
char2numeric,stsm-method Man page
check.bounds Man page
check.bounds,stsm-method Man page
get.cpar Man page
get.cpar,stsm-method Man page
get.nopars Man page
get.nopars,stsm-method Man page Man page,stsm-method Man page
set.cpar Man page
set.cpar,stsm-method Man page
set.nopars Man page
set.nopars,stsm-method Man page Man page,stsm-method Man page
set.sgfc Man page
set.sgfc,stsm-method Man page
set.xreg Man page
set.xreg,stsm-method Man page
show Man page
show,stsm-method Man page
stsm Man page
stsm-class Man page
stsm.class-package Man page
stsm-get-methods Man page
stsm.model Man page
stsm-set-methods Man page
stsm.sgf Man page
stsm-show-methods Man page
stsm-transPars-methods Man page
stsm-validObject-methods Man page
transPars Man page
transPars,generic-method Man page
transPars,numeric-method Man page
transPars,stsm-method Man page
validObject Man page
validObject,stsm-method Man page

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