drome: Spatial data

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The drome data are the spatial example used as an ecological application of the WitOMI calculations in Karasiewicz et al. (2017).




The drome is a list of 3 components.

env is a dataframe with 64 rows with 6 environmental tables, collected in 10 different rivers.

fish is a dataframe with 64 rows and 13 columns (12 fish species, including young and older trouts).

code is a dataframe with 13 rows and 2 columns, the species, common and scientific, name and their respective code.


Doledec S., Chessel D. and Gimaret C. (2000). Niche separation in community analysis: a new method. Ecology,81(10), 2914-1927.


Karasiewicz S.,Doledec S.and Lefebvre S. (2017). Within outlying mean indexes: refining the OMI analysis for the realized niche decomposition. PeerJ 5:e3364. https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.3364.

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