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Create Tessellated Hexagon Maps

allocateAllocate polygon centroids to hexagons in a grid
capital_citiesThe point locations of Australian capital cities.
closest_focal_pointFor the polygon provided, find the closest focal point in the...
create_bufferExpand points to extend beyond the outermost centroids
create_centroidsCreate a data frame of longitude and latitude centroids of...
create_gridCreate a grid of evenly spaced points to allow hexagons to...
create_hexmapCreate a tessellated hexagon map from a set of polygons
filter_grid_pointsFilter full set of grid points for those within range of...
fortify_hexagonCreates the points that define a hexagon polygon for plotting
fortify_sfcConvert a simple features tibble to tibble for plotting.
fp192019 Australian Federal election data: First preference votes...
homelessThe amount of homeless people in each Statistical Area at...
read_shapeRead in the shape file as sf object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sugarbag-packagesugarbag: Create Tessellated Hexagon Maps
tas_lgaThe polygons of Tasmanian Local Government Areas in 2016.
tas_sa2The polygons of Tasmanian Statistical Areas in 2016.
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