IntegratedAUC: Integration of time-dependent AUC curves

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Compute summary measures of a time-dependent AUC curve


IntAUC(AUC, times, S, tmax, auc.type="cumulative")



A vector of AUCs.


The vector of time points corresponding to AUC.


A vector of survival probabilities corresponding to times.


A number specifying the upper limit of the time range for which to compute the summary measure.


A string defining the type of AUC. 'cumulative' refers to cumulative/dynamic AUC, 'incident' refers to incident/dynamic AUC.


This function calculates the integral under a time-dependent AUC curve (“IAUC” measure) using the integration limits [0, tmax]. The values of the AUC curve are specified via the AUC argument.

In case auc.type = "cumulative" (cumulative/dynamic IAUC), the values of AUC are weighted by the estimated probability density of the time-to-event outcome. In case auc.type = "incident" (incident/dynamic IAUC), the values of AUC are weighted by 2 times the product of the estimated probability density and the (estimated) survival function of the time-to-event outcome. The survival function has to be specified via the S argument.

As shown by Heagerty and Zheng (2005), the incident/dynamic version of IAUC can be interpreted as a global concordance index measuring the probability that observations with a large predictor value have a shorter survival time than observations with a small predictor value. The incident/dynamic version of IAUC has the same interpretation as Harrell's C for survival data.


A scalar number corresponding to the summary measure of interest.


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