Man pages for survMisc
Miscellaneous Functions for Survival Data

asWideConvert an object to "wide" or "long" form.
autoplotTAPArrange a survival plot with corresponding table and legend.
autoplotTenGenerate a 'ggplot' for a 'survfit' or 'ten' object
ci*c*onfidence *i*ntervals for survival curves.
compcompare survival curves
COV*cov*ariance matrix for survival data
cutp*cut p*oint for a continuous variable in a model fit with...
gastricgastric cancer trial data
gof*g*oodness *o*f *f*it test for a 'coxph' object
ncAdd *n*umber *c*ensored.
predictpredicted events
print'print' methods
profLikProfile likelihood for coefficients in a 'coxph' model
rsqr^2 measures for a a 'coxph' or 'survfit' model
sf*s*urvival (or hazard) *f*unction based on e and n.
survMisc_packageMiscellaneous Functions for Survival Analysis
ten*t*ime, *e*vent(s) and *n*umber at risk.
xtable'xtable' methods
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