Man pages for surveydata
Tools to Work with Survey Data surveydata object to data.frame.
as_opentext_datatableConverts free format question text to datatable using the...
as.surveydataCoercion from and to surveydata.
cbind.surveydataCombines surveydata object by columns.
dplyr-surveydataMethods to support dplyr verbs.
dropoutCalculates at which questions respondents drop out.
encToIntConverts a character vector to an integer vector.
ExtractExtract or replace subsets of surveydata, ensuring that the...
fix_common_encoding_problemsFix common encoding problems when working with web imported...
fix_levels_01Fix level formatting of all question with Yes/No type...
has_dont_knowTests whether levels contain "Don't know".
intToEncConverts an integer vector to a character vector.
is.surveydataTests whether an object is of class surveydata.
lapply_namesApplies function only to named elements of a list.
leveltestFix level formatting of all question with Yes/No type...
membersurveyData frame with survey data of member satisfaction survey.
mergeMerge surveydata objects.
merge_varlabelsMerges variable.labels attribute from two surveydata objects
namesUpdates names and variable.labels attribute of surveydata.
patternReturns and updates pattern attribute.
print_opentextPrint open text questions.
question_orderChanges vector to ordered factor, adding NA levels if...
questionsReturns a list of all the unique questions in the surveydata...
question_textReturns question text.
question_text_commonReturns common element of question text.
question_text_uniqueReturns unique elements of question text.
remove_all_dont_knowRemoves "Do not know" and other similar words from factor...
remove_dont_knowRemoves "Don't know" from levels and replaces with NA.
rm.attrsRemoves pattern and variable.labels from attributes list.
rm.patternRemoves pattern from attributes list.
split_common_uniqueGet common and unique text in question based on regex pattern...
strCommonUniqueFinds the common and unique elements in a character vector.
surveydata-deprecatedDeprecated functions.
surveydata-packageTools, classes and methods to manipulate survey data.
survey_plot_questionPlots single and as multi-response questions.
survey_plot_satisfactionPlot satisfaction questions.
survey_plot_titleConstruct plot title from the question text, wrapping at the...
survey_plot_yes_noPlot data in yes/no format.
varlabelsReturns and updates variable.labels attribute of surveydata...
which.qIdentifies the columns indices corresponding to a specific...
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