svDialogstcltk-package: SciViews GUI API - Dialog boxes using Tcl/Tk

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Use Tcl/Tk dialog boxes for your GUI.


Package: svDialogstcltk
Type: Package
Version: 0.9-4
Date: 2014-03-02
License: GPL 2 or above, at your convenience

This package provides a Tcl/Tk alternative to dialog boxes implemented in the svDialogs package. There is no function for direct use, but methods implementing the various dlgXXX() functions of svDialogs.

When the package is loaded, it inserts a new tcltkGUI dependency in the .GUI object (if it is not defined yet). That way, every call to .GUI dispatches first to the current Tcl/Tk implementation of the dialog boxes. For your own, separate GUI (say called myGUI), you have to create the binding by yourself by calling guiWidgets(myGUI) <- "tcltkGUI".


Philippe Grosjean

Maintainer: Ph. Grosjean <>

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