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High Precision Swiss Ephemeris

SEConstants used in swephR
Section1Section 1: The Ephemeris file related functions
Section10Section 10: Sidereal mode functions
Section13Section 13: House cusp, ascendant and Medium Coeli...
Section14Section 14: House position calculations
Section15Section 15: Sidereal time
Section16Section 16.7: Other functions that may be useful
Section2Section 2: Computing positions
Section3Section 3: Find a planetary or asteroid name
Section4Section 4: Fixed stars functions
Section5Section 5: Kepler elements, nodes, apsides and orbital...
Section6Section 6: Eclipses, Risings, Settings, Meridian Transits,...
Section7Section 7: Date and time conversion functions
Section8Section 8: Delta T-related functions
Section9Section 9: The function for calculating topocentric planet...
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