Man pages for swfscMisc
Miscellaneous Functions for Southwest Fisheries Science Center

affin.propAffinity Propagation
autoUnitsAuto Time Interval Units
bearingCalculate Bearing Between Two Positions
box.areaArea of a Box
central.quantileCentral Quantile
circle.polygonCircle Polygon (on Earth)
color.nameColor Name
convert.angleAngle Conversion
convert.distanceDistance Conversion
copy.triCopy Matrix Triangles
crossing.pointCrossing Point
das.mapMap DAS
das.merge.acousticMerge DAS Data Into Acoustic Detections
das.readRead DAS File
das.spp.freqFrequency of species from DAS file
destinationDestination on Sphere or Ellipsoid
distanceDistance Between Coordinates
diversityUnbiased Estimate of Diversity
fisher.method.pFisher's Method p-value
geometric.meanGeometric Mean
harmonic.meanHarmonic Mean
lab.widLabel Width
lat.lon.axesLatitude and Longitude axes
na.countCount NAs
normalizeNormalize a Numeric Vector
oddsOdds Conversion
one.argOne Argument
plotAssignmentsPlot assignment distributions
pValPermutation Test P-value
roundRounding Numbers for Data Frames of Rows and Columns on Page
sample.mapPlot Samples on World Map
scatterdensScatter Plot with Density Margins
sex.symbolsSex Symbols
transparentTransparent Colors
uniform.testUniform Distribution Test
which.nearestWhich Nearest
zero.padZero Pad Integers
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