switchrGist: Publish Package Manifests to GitHub Gists

Provides a simple plugin to the switchr framework which allows users to publish manifests of packages - or of specific versions thereof - as single-file GitHub repositories (Gists). These manifest files can then be used as remote seeds (see switchr documentation) when creating new package libraries.

AuthorGabriel Becker [aut, cre]
Date of publication2015-06-10 02:09:53
MaintainerGabriel Becker <becker.gabriel@gene.com>

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Gist Man page
GistDest-class Man page
publishManifest,PkgManifest,GistDest Man page
publishManifest,PkgManifest,GistDest-method Man page
publishManifest,SessionManifest,GistDest Man page
publishManifest,SessionManifest,GistDest-method Man page


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