sybilSBML: SBML Integration in Package 'Sybil'

'SBML' (Systems Biology Markup Language) with FBC (Flux Balance Constraints) integration in 'sybil'. Many constraint based metabolic models are published in 'SBML' format ('*.xml'). Herewith is the ability to read, write, and check 'SBML' files in 'sybil' provided.

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AuthorC. Jonathan Fritzemeier [cre, ctb], Gabriel Gelius-Dietrich [aut, ctb], Deya Alzoubi [ctb], Ardalan Habil [ctb]
Date of publication2017-01-12 15:55:31
MaintainerC. Jonathan Fritzemeier <>
LicenseGPL-3 | file LICENSE

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closeSBMLfile Man page
delSBMLmodel Man page
getNumErrors Man page
getNumErrors,sbmlError-method Man page
getSBMLCompartList Man page
getSBMLerrors Man page
getSBMLFbcversion Man page
getSBMLlevel Man page
getSBMLmodAnnotation Man page
getSBMLmodel Man page
getSBMLmodId Man page
getSBMLmodName Man page
getSBMLmodNotes Man page
getSBMLnumCompart Man page
getSBMLnumReactions Man page
getSBMLnumSpecies Man page
getSBMLReactionsList Man page
getSBMLSpeciesList Man page
getSBMLunitDefinitionsList Man page
getSBMLversion Man page
isNULLpointerSBML Man page
isNULLpointerSBML,sbmlPtr-method Man page
isSBMLdocpointer Man page
isSBMLdocpointer,sbmlPtr-method Man page
isSBMLmodpointer Man page
isSBMLmodpointer,sbmlPtr-method Man page
length,sbmlError-method Man page
openSBMLfile Man page
printSlot Man page
printSlot,sbmlError,character-method Man page
readSBMLmod Man page
sbmlDocKey Man page
sbmlDocKey,sbmlError-method Man page
sbmlDocKey,sbmlPtr-method Man page
sbmlDocPointer Man page
sbmlError Man page
sbmlError-class Man page
sbmlErrors Man page
sbmlErrors,sbmlError-method Man page
sbmlFatals Man page
sbmlFatals,sbmlError-method Man page
sbmlFileName Man page
sbmlFileName,sbmlError-method Man page
sbmlFileName,sbmlPtr-method Man page
sbmlInfos Man page
sbmlInfos,sbmlError-method Man page
sbmlModPointer Man page
sbmlPointer Man page
sbmlPointer,sbmlPtr-method Man page
sbmlPtr-class Man page
sbmlPtrType Man page
sbmlPtrType,sbmlPtr-method Man page
sbmlWarnings Man page
sbmlWarnings,sbmlError-method Man page
validateSBMLdocument Man page
versionLibSBML Man page
writeSBML Man page

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