Man pages for syllable
A Small Collection of Syllable Counting Functions

avaible_syllable_funsAvailable Syllable Functions
common_polysyllabic_proper_nounsCommon Proper Nouns
compute_syllable_countsCompute Syllable Counts
count_stringString Syllable Counts
count_vectorVector Syllable Counts
count_vector_byVector Syllable Counts By Grouping Variable(s)
hamlets_soliloquyHamlet's Soliloquy
lookup_syllable_countsLookup Syllable Counts
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
print.availablePrints an available Object.
readability_word_statsReadability Word Statistics
readability_word_stats_byReadability Word Statistics By Grouping Variable(s)
sum_stringString Syllables Sum
sum_vectorVector Syllable Sums
sum_vector_byVector Syllable Sums By Grouping Variable(s)
syllableA Small Collection of Syllable Counting Functions
syllable_counts_dataA 'data.table' of Words and Syllable Counts
tally_both_stringString Syllable Tally of Short-syllabic and Poly-syllabic...
tally_both_vectorVector Tally of Short-Syllabic and Poly-Syllabic Words
tally_both_vector_byVector Tally of Short-Syllabic and Poly-Syllabic Words By...
tally_di_stringString Syllable Tally of Disyllabic Words
tally_di_vectorVector Tally of Di-syllabic Words
tally_di_vector_byVector Tally of Di-Syllabic Words By Grouping Variable(s)
tally_mono_stringString Syllable Tally of Monosyllabic Words
tally_mono_vectorVector Tally of Mono-syllabic Words
tally_mono_vector_byVector Tally of Mono-Syllabic Words By Grouping Variable(s)
tally_poly_stringString Syllable Tally of Polysyllabic Words
tally_poly_vectorVector Tally of Poly-syllabic Words
tally_poly_vector_byVector Tally of Poly-Syllabic Words By Grouping Variable(s)
tally_short_stringString Syllable Tally of Non-Polysyllabic (< 3 syllables)...
tally_short_vectorVector Tally of Short-syllabic and Poly-syllabic Words
tally_short_vector_byVector Tally of Short-Syllabic Words By Grouping Variable(s)
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