Man pages for symengine
Interface to the 'SymEngine' Library

basic-getinfoGet Information about Basic Object
bindingsBindings for Operators and Math Functions
cbindJoining DenseMatrix
codegenCode Generation
conversionSome Conversion Methods
densematrix-bindingsMethods Related to DenseMatrix
detCalculate the Determinant of DenseMatrix
DoubleVisitorDouble Visitor
D-SymEngineDataType-methodDerivatives of a Symbolic Expression
evalfEvaluating a SymEngine Object
expandExpand a Symbolic Expression
FunctionSymbolCreate a FunctionSymbol
lambdifyConvert A Basic/VecBasic Object to R Function
mathfunsSome Special Math Functions
MatrixDenseMatrix Constructor
ODESystemSolve System of Ordinary Differential Equations
SConverting R object to Basic
solveSolve Symbolic Equations
subsSubstitute Expressions in SymEngine Objects
symenginesymengine: R interface to SymEngine C++ library for symbolic...
symengine_infoInformation about SymEngine Library
tTranspose (as) a DenseMatrix
use_varsInitializing Variables
vecbasic-bindingsMethods Related to VecBasic
VectorSymbolic Vector
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