Man pages for syuzhet
Extracts Sentiment and Sentiment-Derived Plot Arcs from Text

get_dct_transformDiscrete Cosine Transformation with Reverse Transform.
get_nrc_sentimentGet Emotions and Valence from NRC Dictionary
get_nrc_valuesSummarize NRC Values
get_percentage_valuesChunk a Text and Get Means
get_sentencesSentence Tokenization
get_sentimentGet Sentiment Values for a String
get_sentiment_dictionarySentiment Dictionaries
get_sent_valuesAssigns Sentiment Values
get_stanford_sentimentGet Sentiment from the Stanford Tagger
get_text_as_stringLoad Text from a File
get_tokensWord Tokenization
get_transformed_valuesFourier Transform and Reverse Transform Values
rescaleVector Value Rescaling
rescale_x_2Bi-Directional x and y axis Rescaling
simple_plotPlots simple and rolling shapes overlayed
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