taRifx: Collection of utility and convenience functions.

A collection of various utility and convenience functions.

AuthorAri B. Friedman
Date of publication2014-05-29 15:01:42
MaintainerAri B. Friedman <abfriedman@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

as.data.frame.by: Convert the results of by() to a data.frame.

as.matrix.by: Coerces a by object into a matrix (only tested on a 2d...

autoplot.microbenchmark: Autoplot method for microbenchmark objects: Prettier graphs...

between: Classify values into groups based on which numbers they're...

bytable: Produces a nice summary table by groupings

categorize: Categorize a vector based on a data.frame with two columns,...

compareplot: Bar plot divided by three groupings

daysofweek: Return a vector of the days of the week, in order

destring: Convert character vector to numeric, ignoring irrelevant...

distinct: Returns number of distinct observations in each column of a...

evens: Shortcut functions to return the odd and even values from a...

expandDF: Functions to manipulate data frames

fpart: Obtain the fractional part of a numeric

hist_horiz: Kludgy horizontal histogram function (really should just fix...

homogenous: Returns whether a vector is homogenous or not

iapply: Iteratively (recursively) apply a function to its own output

japply: japply: Judiciously sapply to only selected columns

last: Convenience functions to return the last/first element of a...

latex.table.by: Exports a latex table with the first N columns being multirow...

merge.list: Method to merge two lists Matches names of each list element...

middle.group: Return a vector containing the locations of the middle of...

munch: Recursively delete entries containing 'what' before entry...

panelfxns: Various panel functions

prettify: Function to prettify the output of another function using a...

readdir: Loads all readable files in a directory into a list, with...

remove.factors: Converts all factors in a data.frame to character.

rep_along: Repeat a vector until it matches the length of another vector

reshapeasy: reshapeasy: Easier reshaping from "wide" to "long" and back...

rounding: Rounds a numeric vector to arbitrary values (not just decimal...

searchPattern: Create a vector that starts with a given number and widens...

shift: Shifts a vector's elements left or right by N elements.

sides: Figure out how many "sides" a formula has See also...

sort.data.frame: Sort a data.frame

splitc: Split data over columns

stack.list: Stack lists into data.frames

tab: Table function which lists NA entries by default This is a...

title.page.new: Plot a title page containing the given text. Good for...

trues: Return vector of equal length containing all TRUEs

unfactor.data.frame: Convert all factors to character

write.sanitized.csv: Outputs a sanitized CSV file for fussy input systems e.g....

xtable.CrossTable: Add in methods to handle CrossTable objects in xtable

xtablelm: Produces the output of an lm object as it appears in the R...

xtable.lme: Add in methods to handle LME objects in xtable


as.data.frame.by Man page
as.matrix.by Man page
autoplot.microbenchmark Man page
between Man page
bin Man page
bytable Man page
categorize Man page
compareplot Man page
daysofweek Man page
destring Man page
distinct Man page
evens Man page
expandDF Man page
first Man page
fpart Man page
hist_horiz Man page
homogenous Man page
iapply Man page
japply Man page
last Man page
latex.table.by Man page
merge.list Man page
middle.group Man page
munch Man page
odds Man page
panel.densityplot.enhanced Man page
panel.ecdf Man page
panel.xyplot_rug Man page
prettify Man page
quantile_cutpoints Man page
readdir Man page
remove.factors Man page
rep_along Man page
reshapeasy Man page
roundnear Man page
round_sigfig Man page
searchPattern Man page
shift Man page
shift.data.frame Man page
shift.default Man page
sides Man page
sides.default Man page
sides.formula Man page
sort.data.frame Man page
splitc Man page
splitc-package Man page
splitDF Man page
stack.list Man page
tab Man page
title.page.new Man page
trues Man page
unfactor.data.frame Man page
unsplitDF Man page
write.sanitized.csv Man page
xtable.CrossTable Man page
xtablelm Man page
xtable.lme Man page
xtable.summary.lme Man page

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