Man pages for tableExtra
Draws an Awesome Table

add_table_paramsAdd parameter specific to the grob class.
bindrbind two or more gtables
cbind_2cbind two gtables
circle_grobVectorised version of circleGrob
draw_table_extraGraphical display of a table with grobs of varying scales and...
get_table_extra_dimensionsGet width and height of the plot.
gtable_extraGrob underlying graphical display of a table with grobs of...
gtable_legendBuild a grob containing a legend.
gtable_tableBuild a table with foreground and background grobs.
insert.unitInsert unit
rbind_2rbind two gtables
rect_grobVectorised version of rectGrob
tableExtraAn easy-to-use tool for drawing paper-quality tables.
table_paramsBuild a table of parameters.
table_params_circleAdd circle parameters
table_params_circle_scaleAdd circle scale parameters
table_params_colorAdd circle color parameters
table_params_rectAdd rect parameters
table_params_textAdd text parameters
text_grobVectorised version of textGrob
ttheme_awesomeDefine theme for awesome table plot.
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