Man pages for tableHTML
A Tool to Create HTML Tables

add_css_captionAdd css to tableHTML's caption
add_css_columnAdd css to tableHTML's columns
add_css_conditional_columnAdd conditional css to tableHTML's columns
add_css_footerAdd css to tableHTML's footer
add_css_headerAdd css to tableHTML's headers
add_css_rowAdd css to tableHTML's rows
add_css_rows_in_columnAdd css to tableHTML's columns' rows.
add_css_second_headerAdd css to tableHTML's second headers
add_css_tableAdd css to the whole tableHTML
add_css_tbodyAdd css to the tbody tag
add_css_theadAdd css to the thead tag
add_editable_columnMake columns Editable
add_themeAdd a theme to the tableHTML
add_theme_colorizeAdd a theme to a tableHTML with a total row.
create_hexlogoGenerate hexagon logo from a tableHTML object.
create_logoGenerate package's logo
make_cssCreate a css file or string
make_css_color_rank_themeGet css properties for custom color rank theme
make_hyperlinkCreate a hyperlink to display as a link on a tableHTML
odd_evenGet the odd or even numbers from a numeric vector
pipePipe css
render_tableHTMLImplementing tableHTML in shiny
replace_htmlReplaces a tableHTML string with another
tableHTMLCreate an easily css-ible HTML table
tableHTML_outputImplementing tableHTML in shiny
tableHTML_to_imageConvert a tableHTML into an image
write_tableHTMLWrites the HTML code to a file
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