Man pages for tablet
Tabulate Descriptive Statistics in Multiple Formats

as_kableCoerce to Kable
as_kable.tabletCoerce Tablet to Kable
as_xtableCoerce to Xtable
as_xtable.tabletCoerce Tablet to Xtable
categoricalsIdentify Categories Categoricals for Data Frame
classifiersIdentify Classifiers Classifiers for Data Frame
devaluedAggregate Values
devalued.observationsAggregate Values for Observations Aggregates values for...
escape_latexEscape Latex
groupfullCalculate With Groups Widgets With Groups
grouplessCalculate Without Groups Widgets Without Groups
groupwiseCalculate With and Without Groups Widgets With and Without Groups
headerlistCreate Header List.
headerlist.tabletCreate Header List for Tablet
indexCreate Index
index.tabletCreate Index for Tablet
mesaDrag-and-drop Descriptive Statistics
numericsIdentify Numerics Numerics for Data Frame
observationsIdentify Observations Observations for Data Frame
spliceSplice Some Things Together A Data Frame
tabletGenerate a Tablet a Tablet for Data Frame
tablet.groupwiseGenerate a Group-wise Tablet
widgetsCalculate Widgets
widgets.devaluedCalculate Widgets for Devalued
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