Man pages for tadaatoolbox
Helpers for Data Analysis and Presentation Focused on Undergrad Psychology

confintConfidence Intervals
delete_naDelete cases with set amount of missing values
effect_size_tSimple Effect Size Calculation for t-Tests
etasqJust eta^2.
games_howellGames Howell post-hoc procedure
generate_recodesConvenience functions for interval recodes
interval_labelsConvenience functions for interval recodes
invInverting scales
mean_ci_semStandard Error of the Mean with CI
mean_ci_tGet mean and CI for a numeric vector
ngoThe ngo dataset
nom_cContingency Coefficient C
nom_chisquSimple Chi^2
nom_phiPhi coefficient
nom_vCramer's V
ord_pairsRetrieve all type of pairs for ordinal statistics
ord_somers_dSomers' D
ord_tauVarious Tau Statistics
pval_stringEasy p-value formatting
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sidak_sdSidak setp-down procedure
tadaa_aovTadaa, ANOVA!
tadaa_balanceGrouping design balance
tadaa_chisqTadaa, Chi-Square Test!
tadaa_intInteraction plots
tadaa_kruskalTadaa, Kruskal-Wallis!
tadaa_leveneLevene's Test for Homoskedasticity
tadaa_mean_ciPlot Means with Errorbars
tadaa_nomGet all the nominal stats
tadaa_normtestTadaa, test for normality!
tadaa_one_sampleTadaa, one-sample tests!
tadaa_ordGet all the ordinal stats
tadaa_pairwise_ghGames Howell Post-Hoc Test
tadaa_pairwise_tExtended Pairwise t-Tests
tadaa_pairwise_tukeyTukey HSD pairwise comparisons
tadaa_plot_tukeyPlot TukeyHSD Results as Errorbars
tadaatoolbox-packagetadaatoolbox: Helpers for Data Analysis and Presentation...
tadaa_t.testTadaa, t-Test!
tadaa_wilcoxonTadaa, Wilcoxon!
theme_readthedownggplot2 theme to fit the readthedown Rmd format
zConvert numeric vector to z-values
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