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Get Data Out of 'Tautulli' (Formerly 'PlexPy')

api_requestMake an API GET-request
get_activityGet Current Server Activity
get_historyGet Playback History
get_home_statsGet Home Stats
get_librariesGet All the Libraries' Data
get_libraries_tableGet All the Libraries-Table
get_libraryGet A Single Library Information
get_library_media_infoGet A Library's Media Info
get_library_namesGet Library Sections and Names
get_library_user_statsGet Library User Stats
get_library_watch_time_statsGet Library Watch Time Stats
get_plays_by_dateGet Plays by Date
get_plays_by_dayofweekGet Plays by Day of Week
get_plays_by_hourofdayGet Plays by Hour of Day
get_plays_by_source_resolutionGet Plays by Source Resolution
get_plays_by_stream_resolutionGet Plays by Stream Resolution
get_plays_by_stream_typeGet Plays by Stream Type
get_plays_by_top_10_platformsGet Plays by Top 10 Platforms
get_plays_by_top_10_usersGet Plays by Top 10 Users
get_plays_per_monthGet Plays by Month
get_pms_updateCheck for PMS Updates
get_recently_addedGet Recently Added Media Items
get_server_friendly_nameGet Server Friendly Name
get_server_idGet Server ID
get_server_identityGet Server Identity
get_server_listGet Server List
get_servers_infoGet Server Information
get_stream_type_by_top_10_platformsGet Stream Type by Top 10 Platforms
get_stream_type_by_top_10_usersGet Stream Type by Top 10 Users
get_user_ipsGet User IPs
get_user_loginsGet User Logins
get_user_namesGet User Names and IDs
get_user_player_statsGet a Single User's Player Stats
get_usersGet Users
get_users_tableGet a Users Table
get_user_watch_time_statsGet a Single User's Player Stats
pipePipe operator
search_serverSearch for Media Items
tauturri-packagetauturri: Get Data Out of 'Tautulli' (Formerly 'PlexPy')
update_checkCheck for Tautulli Updates
update_tautulliApply Tautulli Updates
wordsCommon English Words
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