Man pages for tbrf
Time-Based Rolling Functions

binom_ciConfidence Intervals for Binomial Probabilities
Dissolved_OxygenDissolved oxygen measurements from the Tres Palacios rivers
gm_meanCalculates the Geometric Mean
gm_mean_ciReturns the Geomean and CI
list_NAList NA
mean_ciReturns the mean and CI
median_ciReturns the median and CI
open_windowOpen Window
tbr_binomTime-Based Rolling Binomial Probability
tbr_binom_windowBinomial test based on time window
tbr_gmeanTime-Based Rolling Geometric Mean
tbr_gmean_windowGeometric mean based on a time-window
tbr_meanTime-Based Rolling Mean
tbr_mean_windowMean Based on a Time-Window
tbr_medianTime-Based Rolling Median
tbr_median_windowMedian Based on a Time-Window
tbr_miscUse Generic Functions with Time Windows
tbr_sdTime-Based Rolling Standard Deviation
tbr_sd_windowStandard Deviation Based on a Time-Window
tbr_sumTime-Based Rolling Sum
tbr_sum_windowSum Based on a Time-Window
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