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Apps for Teaching Statistics, R Programming, and Shiny App Development

add_cssAdd teachingApps CSS style rules to an app
add_logoAdds a branding logo to the footer of a navbarPage app
add_optionsPass objects and customization options to a shiny app
add_packagesInstall and load an R package
add_rmdAdd an rmarkdown file to an app
add_serverAdd the server of one app to the server of another app
add_themeAdd a bootswatch color theme to an app
add_uiAdd the UI of one app within the UI of another app
add_updateAdd an update to a shiny app
beta4The Four Parameter Beta Distribution
bisaThe Birmbaum-Saunders Distribution
create_logoCreate a branding logo for a teachingApp
Extended-Generalized-GammaThe Extended Generalized Gamma Distribution
gadget_clean_columnsVisually remove columns from data set
gadget_lmFunction Title
Generalized-GammaThe Generalized Gamma Distribution
getsThe Generalized Threshold Distribution
Gomphertz-MakehamThe Gompertz Makeham Distribution
instGet the installation path of a package
Inverse-GaussianThe Inverse Gaussian Distribution
jkf.parCustom 'par' function
levThe Largest Extreme Value Distribution
sevThe Smallest Extreme Value Distribution
sgpdflR interface for GENG cdf;
sgquanR interface for GENG cdf
spgengR interface for GENG cdf;
spmlgengR interface for gng log(1-cdf)
teachingAppRender a teachingApp With Options
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